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3D Bathroom design

We can create a 3D bathroom design that specific to your design, style, and material preferences. We provide 3D renderings of house remodels and renovations.

You’ll get 3D life-like visual designs to make any project a reality! Using your design ideas and the space requirements you provide, we create beautiful and life-size designs for contractors and architects to use as a visual guide for the Construction or Renovation project.

We create a high-quality 3D Bathroom Design of bathrooms, shower rooms, spas, and suanas. These visual designs guide your Renovation, Remodel, and Construction projects. Architectural Concepts, Space Layout, and Design elements are shown to guide the construction phases.

Elements & Features Ideas for Bathroom Designs

  • Modern Showers & Bathtubs
  • Garden Tubs, Soakers, Clawfoot, Jetted Tubs
  • Home Steamrooms & Saunas
  • Rainfall & Body Jet Showers
  • Floating Vanities & Makeup Vanity Design
  • Modern Lighting
  • Cabinet & Closet Organization
  • Towel & Tile Warmers

3D Bathroom Solutions Offered

  • Bathroom Room & Space Layout
  • Bathroom Style & Design
  • Bathroom Materials & Fixtures
  • Faucet & Appliance Visuals
  • Paint & Wall Texture Options
  • Cabinet Finishes
  • Bathroom Construciton Design Preview
  • Real-world Scaled Renderings

Before Bathroom Pics and Issues of Current Bathroom:

Old and outdated bathroom design of a 80 year house. Wires showing above vanity, shower room on right is unfunctional and was being used as a cat box room! The shower and toilet room combo on the left had old style 2 shower heads because you can’t remove the old shower head. The color and finishes was outdated and unfunctional until we designed a brand new and cost affordable bathroom design that included a new home sauna and a walk-in shower, frameless glass, and rainshower head shower. There’s no doubt this bathroom needed our 3D bathroom design touch!

Final Bathrom Designs of Renovation Plans

New Bathroom Designs include: Updated vanity, new tile shower, convert another shower room into a sauna room, new flooring, paint colors, and materials throughout the bathroom renovation.

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3D Tools is making waves in the construction, architecture, and landscape industries! We love working Homeowners, Handymen, Contractors, Builders, Architects, Landscapers, Engineers, Land Developers, Property Developers, Pool Builders, Real Estate Agents, and Construction Project Managers! We help Contractors land 90% of the bids with 3D Mockups of their ideas and Homeowners love seeing a design of their final project before you start tearing down walls and paying large down payments – consider the 3D Renderings a visual project guide for all involved.

By providing custom 3D designs, mockups, renderings, and visual presentations of your ideas and plans, we are able to save you time in the building process. Having a visual can eliminate concerns of the deliverables by giving a design proof for all parties to review and sign off on. These 3D designs also serve as great visual aids to guide the entire construction and renovation project. Our simple  process is designed to make this so easy and affordable.

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