3D Contractor Program

Are you a Contractor, Builder, Interior Designer, Engineer, or Architect that’s still giving estimates, proposals, and scope of work with hand-drawn sketches of your construction plans??

Our 3D Contractor Program allows you to step into the wonderful world of 3D!

3D Landscape Models

Are you a Landscape Designer or a 3D Modeler working on a landscape design project? 3D Tools has a robust 3D Model Shop filled with 3D Landscape Models to help you finish your projects faster! Because we know that when you save time, you save money…

Let’s get you finishing your 3D projects fast with the wonderful world of 3D!

At 3d tools, we create 3D models & 3D Designs

3D Models & 3D designs

We help Homeowners, Contractors, & 3D Modelers by providing helpful 3D Tools!

3D Modelers download our 3D Models to save time in development & Contractors use our 3D Design Services to show their ideas to homeowners!

We also help homeowners & contractors – bringing their ideas to life. Our digital designs can be shown to contractors/construction companies, architects, and builders. We provide the 3D visual designs to make the project a reality!

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Buy & Download 3D Models:

3D Models used in Sketchup, Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, and more!

3D Tools is a worldwide 3D service provider – 

3D Models and 3D Designs

We create 3D Models, 3D Designs, 3D Renderings, and provide overall unique 3D Tools & Tips.

We primarily focus on serving 3D Modelers and Construction Companies as

a valued 3D Tools resource and that’s why 3D Modelers & Construction Companies Love Us!

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We help Contractors land 90% of the bids with 3D Mockups of their ideas.

3D Tools is making waves in the construction and landscape industries! We are seeing the incredible value added to Contractors, Builders, Architects, Landscapers, Engineers, Land Developers, Property Developers, Pool Builders, Real Estate Agents, and Construction Project Managers. We create custom 3D designs like kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations. We are usually white-labeled as a professional service you offer, so you can make money on our 3D services – we want to partner with you for long term work.

By providing custom 3D mockups and visual presentations of your designs and plans, we are able to save you time in the building process. We help eliminate the end-users concerns of the deliverables by giving you a design proof for them to sign off on. These 3D designs also serve as great visual aids to guide the entire construction and renovation project. Our simple 4-step process is designed to make this so easy and affordable for you.

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3D Tools provides unique 3D models for animators and 3D artists – saving them valuable time on hard-to-build 3D projects that have odd curves or extensive features like motorcycles, aircrafts, medical devices, etc. The 3D industry is one that requires many expensive programs and it’s nearly impossible to be a master of them all.

3D artists and animators use our 3D models as a baseline for models and to help complete bigger projects faster. For instance, we can create custom complex items like a main frame of a stadium or aircraft carrier, so you can customize the full 3D project faster. Finish projects faster, so you can make more money and take on more 3D modeling jobs! We want to be your resource for the complex and the extreme – tell us your wildly insane and cool ideas and we’ll create the 3D models and 3D mockups. We’ll even create a branded presentation, so you can really wow your clients!


We save 3D Artists 70% of building and modeling time & increasing their sales volume.

Have a specific 3D project?

You can order a custom 3D projects from us. We are here to make your work life easier!

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