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3D Models – FAQ

How often do we launch new models?

We publish new 3D models in our 3D model shop several times a week. Stay in touch with us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, or check back frequently for new releases on our home page.

What format are the 3D Models?

Our 3D Models Shop offers a wide variety of digital 3D Model formats. The most common formats are Sketchup and obj files but you can request other file formats at checkout. All files are downloaded in a zipped folder which needs to be unzipped when you download them.

How do I get my 3D Model?

You can instantly download your 3D Models from our 3D Models Shop when you buy your product. You will get up to 2 times to download the file. You can contact us if you need the files to be sent in another format.

How do I request custom 3D models?

You can contact us on one of our forms on this site to request a quote for your custom 3D model to be made.

Do you offer returns for custom 3D models?

All sales are final; especially for custom 3D models and mockups. We will everything we can do to fullfill your order the way you have described. The best way to have your final product just the way you want it, is to provide great images, videos, measurements, and details of your custom project. The more information you provide us, the closer we can get to your vision.

3D Design Order FAQ

How long does it take to get a custom 3D Model?

We create custom 3D models for a variety of reasons but most commonly for 3D printers, professional 3D modelers, and for Model collectors. These types of custom orders can usually be completed within 2-4 business days.

How many custom orders can I make at one time?

We are here for you. You can order as many custom 3D orders for models and mockups as you need. Just let us know your deadline and the project details. Provide a good contact number for you as well so we can reach you.

What materials do I need to send for a 3D Design project?

You can reference this blog to see what we need from you to get start on your 3D Design project – click here or contact us for more questions.

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How do I know my order went through successfully?

You should receive an automatic email saying your order was a success as well as a direct to an automatic order complete screen.

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