Contractors, engineers, architects, and even homeowners use our Design Services to show how a construction project will look like when the project is completed. This part of construction should take place before you start demoing as part of the planning and design stage.

Without a proper digital design, homeowners and contractors are challenged to visualize the final design. This critical part will help ensure a better end result for the homeowner and the construction fullfilllment crew as they will have a visual aid as well.

Written by Meg

July 20, 2020

90% of Construction proposals given to homeowners that include digital Construction Designs make the homeowner feel comfortable to move forward into the Construction phase.

Materials Checklist for a 3D Design Project:
  1. Current images of the space or area being remodeled or redesigned
  2. A rough sketch of the design plan is helpful – often this is done by a contractor but homeowners send these in all the time as well.
    • Details in the rough sketch should include space and item measurements, material preferences, layout of area, and any other details to include in the new designs.
    • A sample of a rough sketch is here: 
    • Send pictures of materials or products you wish to be included in the design.

Here’s a sample of a before and after of a bathroom remodel design:

before and after construction bathroom remodel

Need a 3D Design for an upcoming Construction Project?

For more 3D Construction Designs, check out our more 3D Construction Mockup options  – view here. To keep up with recent releases and get promotion info, follow us here.


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  1. Provide pics.
  2. Give build plans.
  3. Drafts sent.
  4. Revisions made – if any.
  5. Final PDF or Jpegs sent to your email!

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