Contractors, engineers, and architects face the same problem that most homeowners have, and it’s simply what will the end project or the actual Construction Design look like?

Most construction companies are not able to hire a full-time 3D Modeler or 3D Designer; however, the need is evidently there. Let’s take a look at what homeowners expect from Construction Designs as a new standard in the construction process.

Written by Meg

July 16, 2020

90% of Construction proposals given to homeowners that include digital Construction Designs will win the job!

Digital Construction Design Proposals Should Achieve These Things:
  • Homeowners need to visualize construction plans and cannot achieve this from hand-drawn sketches.
    • Contractor Hint: Hand-drawn construction sketches are an old-school and outdated method so stop doing the hand-drawn sketches!
  • Homeowners seek digital samples of what their renovation project will look like with certain materials and layouts.
    • Contractor Hint: Show different options to either help them decide on materials or use this as an opportunity to upsell more work or higher-end materials.
  • Scale and size matters when it comes to understanding what your home renovation will look like when the project is completed.
  • Increase the long-term community trust and reputation when contractors provide design proposals to customers and then they actually achieve their design plan.
    • Contractor Hint: Show before pics of the property, provide quality renovation design plans, and then show the after pics of how you achieved your digital plans.
  • These Digital Construction Plans should guide the operations team to eliminate less communication problems making Construction Project Manager’s workload easier.
  • Less change orders in operations as the communication is clearer to the homeowner.

Here’s a sample of a before and after of a bathroom remodel design:

before and after construction bathroom remodel

Need a 3D Design for an upcoming Construction Project?

For more 3D Construction Designs, check out our more 3D Construction Mockup options  – view here. To keep up with recent releases and get promotion info, follow us here.


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