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Detailed Bathroom Remodel 3D Design

Order a Custom Bathroom 3D Remodel Designs

Are you about to remodel your bathroom? Before you spend 10’s of thousands of dollars in remodeling your bathroom, you should see the design before it’s built! We transform hand-drawn sketched plans into detailed 3D designs that guides the building process.

WHAT YOU GET: With our 3D design service, you will get high-resolution digital designs in a 3d space, so you can see a more realistic view of your new bathroom. We will give you a series of the design images from different angles to show the design.

SAMPLE OF VIEWS YOU WILL GET: The typical design will come with 5-7 detailed and high-resolution images that cover different spaces and angels.

DETAILS WE CAN COVER IN THE DESIGN: Basically, we show the design, materials, and layout of a space. We can show your bathroom project by including details like custom cabinet layout, storage solutions and shelving, shower and tile design, saunas, jetted tubs, backsplash, fireplace, sitting areas, makeup vanity, grooming vanity, jewelry organizers, closet layout, lighting, and any of the building materials you want to see.

Who can we work with: We collaborate with homeowners, contractors, engineers, handymen, architects, builders, etc. Basically, we are flexible and can work with anyone that has the ability to communicate what’s desired for the final outcome.

How long does the designs take: Once we receive the materials for the bathroom design, the typical turn-around is 4-5 business days.

How to get started: Click the “Buy Now” button and we will contact you on what we need to get started.

Custom Bathroom Design

3D Tools has a refined 3D Design service that is used to help General Contractors and homeowners see the design before it's built! We look forward to being part of your process by showing your incredible plans in a digital format! Let's start your 3D Design Bathroom Remodel project! 3D Tools Design Process:

  1. Define Project Goal - Let us know the intent of the file and the final file requirements so we can provide the best renderings for your needs i.e. "Our 3D Design goal is to land a client kitchen remodel design project".
  2. Provide Project Details - This is the most important phase. Let us know what you know. Details needed are images and/or videos of the current site or area, details of what you want changed i.e. Stonemark Aspen White granite at Home Depot with the Blanco Alta Kitchen Faucet 440076 Nickel at, etc. Please also provide dimensions like the size of the counters.
  3. Once we receive your details for the project, we will create a mockup sample for you to review. We will revise with your feedback.
  4. This final phase is where we provide the final 3D renderings of your custom project. These can have your logo and a watermark on them to make it appear that it came from your company.

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