Are you about to start a construction project and want assurance that the contractor will actually achieve what your vision is? If so, you are not alone.

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Written by Lucy

August 5, 2020

In fact, most construction projects require a design to get client approvals, permitting, HOA approvals, and team communications during the building phase. Most homeowners want to see their house design plans before they will feel comfortable to move forward. This is becoming the new normal.

Most people don’t just want the generic designs suggested by the designer, they want to customize their spaces to how they want to use their space. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to construction projects. The construction design shouldn’t be either.

3D designs on construction jobs fix the communication problems of space planning and layout, materials and finishings, and the overall design plans for the build or remodel. 

With custom 3d designs, homeowners can see how their homes will look even before construction begins.

We combined a list for homeowners to reference why you should request 3d design service and how it will benefit you.

We believe you should “See it before you build it!


The homeowner & contractor sit down to discuss the details of the project. During the planning phase,  the contractor will create a simple sketch of the new space with project info like granite, new sauna, pool house, or a new arched door.

They can discuss preferences, come up with the wish list of what the family will want. This allows the homeowner to be part of the design process – making sure their opinions and desires are heard.

Unlike hand-drawn sketches and 2D designs, 3D designs are easier for homeowners to see all the details of the project – such details may include the measurements, sizes, and the space layout.

With the details shown to real-world size, all parties involved can be on the same page about what the actual design should look like – making the construction planning a lot smoother.


Going back and forth with contractors can cost a lot of time and money for both the contractor and the homeowner. This can lead to dissatisfaction on the homeowner’s part when they asked for a frameless shower door but a standard glass door was installed and guess what — you can’t go back now…

3D designs end that problem because they see an exact replica of how the end project should look like. This leads to faster construction project approvals as well as decreases the build time of the projects.

Confusion is now eliminated and the project is delivered on time if not sooner.


Most homeowners have an idea of what they want for their home renovation; however, in most cases when they put the design in 3D, they change their minds about some aspects of their initial design…”I like how the hot tub looks beside the pool, but what if we did a sunken hot tub inside the pool instead?”.

With the evolution of 3D technology, homeowners don’t have to imagine how the project will look like. Instead, they can see the actual impact of their choices in 3D and feel they get to custom their design before it’s built.


It is one thing to pick the colors and materials but it is another to see them in 3D.

Seeing the colors, materials, and textures of walls, pavements, counters, siding, etc aids in knowing if you made the right choice or not – it’s quite costly if you don’t like it. 3D Designs give you the confidence to approve certain materials and not have buyer’s remorse for decades to come – ”I thought I would like the standard red brick but after seeing the design, I now think I would like to have the brick painted light grey”.

This process saves the homeowner money and gives them long-term assurance because they can make changes before construction starts.


Most of the time, contractors will always have run-ins with the unknowns once you break into the walls or floors, but with good design mockups, the contractor can get more accurate pricing so homeowners can get a more accurate pricing for their renovation project.

This helps in assessing if the project needs to be dialed back financially or potenially broken down in phases.

What’s next:

With all these things in mind, getting a 3D design of your construction is no doubt a must, so now how do you order a custom construction or renovation design?

3D Tools offers just that. We take a hand-sketch, property images, and your address to create your new space design with all the features and materials you want to be included in the new space. You can easily pick from our list of 3D Designs services here!

HAVE QUESTIONS? Ask one of our friendly reps on our live chat in the bottom right. You can also send us your email and we will follow up with you as well!

Here’s a sample of a before and after of an outdoor kitchen and landscape design:

We took this hand-drawn sketch, along with an brief video from the contractor sharing his vision and pictures of the current backyard to create a 3D design set of the new remodeled areas.

hand sketch construction project design
3d design outdoor kitchen

Need a 3D Design for an upcoming Construction Project?

For more 3D Construction Designs, check out our more 3D Construction Mockup options  – view here. To keep up with recent releases and get promotion info, follow us here.


Ready to start your digital design?

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  1. Provide pics.
  2. Give build plans.
  3. Drafts sent.
  4. Revisions made – if any.
  5. Final PDF or Jpegs sent to your email!

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