What to consider before you start a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen area is one of the most important spaces in a home. It’s where family and friends gather and frankly, where you spend most of your time. So when you are considering a kitchen remodel, you will want to love the design, style, layout, and function of the new kitchen!

Designing your own kitchen may seem easier because of apps like Pinterest. But, we believe Pinterest is only the starting point for collecting your wishes and kitchen dreams. Which will be helpful to have when you provide this to a kitchen designer.

I know you’re thinking, why do I need a Kitchen Designer at all?? Well hiring a kitchen designer is the best way for you to see the kitchen remodel before it’s built! Would you buy a car or expensive couch without “test driving” it? Well, you shouldn’t with home renovations either. We say the 3D Designs are the “test drive” in the construction industry.

We put together a list of things to consider before hiring a kitchen designer for your kitchen remodel.

Why do I need a kitchen designer?

  1. See the final kitchen design before you approve the construction project
  2. Preview the kitchen layout and get a since for how you will want to use your new kitchen from different angles
  3. Approve building materials and design elements like the backsplash, flooring, countertops, and the cabinet colors – all are very expensive to replace if you don’t like them
  4. See different options of design materials like if you are on the fence about whether you want dark or light grey cabinets or if you want copper accessories versus silver stainless steel
  5. See a top down layout of the new kitchen so you can get a better since of the layout and spacing

Figuring these details not only saves you money but it also helps to provide a guide for the entire crew that ensures you will love the new final kitchen remodel!

How to get started redesigning your kitchen?

Designing your kitchen will take some collaboration between you and the designer. you will want to have your ideas together of want you are wanting in the final design. For instance, will you want a kitchen island bar with seating, will you need smart kitchen features, lights under the cabinets, a reading nook, a built-in wine or coffee bar, or would you like a walk in pantry! What you want can and should be included in your design.

At the end of the day, you get to live in that space, so, you should have a say in what goes into it.

Ready to start your new kitchen design? 3D Tools designs kitchens in a 3D environment, so you can see a true-to-scale preview of what your new kitchen will look like before you have a contractor or builder start a very expensive remodel.

So… Before you spend 10’s of thousands of dollars in remodeling your kitchen or designsing a new outdoor kitchen, you should see the design before it’s built! We can transform a simple hand-drawn sketch of your ideas into detailed 3D designs that guides the building process. Ready to get started??

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