How to upload or import an OBJ file to Sketchup can be a little bit hectic for some people. But, with new extensions on the rise, this process has been made easier.

A good example of an extension that helps you upload an OBJ file into Sketchup is Transmutr. Here is the process.

  • Download the Transmutr extension from

The Transmutr plugin accepts OBJ, 3Ds Max, FBXs, and DAE files and converts them into SketchUp files. The files are then ready for render software like VRAY

  • Pick a file from 3D Tools – download file so you can import into Sketchup
  • You’ll need the image assets to add texture to your file (3D Tools let’s you know in the product description if the model file comes with the image assets or mtl file when you download the files)
  • Import the files with Transmutr
  • Once the file is imported, you’ll notice sometimes that they are upside down. 
  • Go to the transformation panel just beside the file and on the up Axis, select Y. And Voila, your image is upright.
  • To add texture, head to the material section and add them manually. Select the object you want to add the texture to and select color diffuse. From there, import the texture files from the variety you get from 3D Tools. Finally, click transmute.

Other OBJ files to import into Transmutr


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