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Written by Lucy

August 13, 2020

With more people wanting to see designs before they approve projects, the landscape and construction industries are forever changed. These requests mean, 3D modelers are seeking online resources like 3D Landscape Models.

For landscape designers, landscape modelers, and 3D digital artists, buying and incorporating unique 3D Landscape Models in their designs has saved time and money. 3DTools.org is among the many credible resources for landscape designs.

Here are some of the ways landscape designers can use 3D Tools to grow their brands.

DESIGN PROJECT TURN-AROUND TIME:  Professional 3D Digital Designers use free and cheap 3D model resources. They can buy high-quality yet affordable 3d models that help speed up project turn-around times. The more projects you can complete = more moeny in your pocket!

When landscape designers or 3D modelers are on a tight deadlines, he/she can get high-quality models from 3D model shops with ease. Allowing faster projects and making your clients happier!

Beyond providing awesome 3D landscape models, 3Dtools.org offers a plethora of helpful services to landscape designers as well like:

Resizing 3D models: Designers can have files on the website resized to their liking. The files can be made bigger or smaller or adjusted to their exact specifications.

Ordering different files: If the kind of file a designer needs isn’t available on 3D tools, they can request their file of choice from our 3D Modelers. Such files may include; 3Ds Max, PNG, PSD, Sketchup, OBJ files etc.

3D Model customization: On top of resizing and ordering your file of choice, landscape designers can order any 3D Model they may need at the time regardless of if it’s on the website or not. The 3D Tools team always makes sure the 3d models are delivered on time, if not sooner.

There is no question that 3D Models give landscape designers and contractors an edge during design presentations. Surprisingly, there are still so many successful companies stuck in the old 2d or even worse the super outdated hand-drawn landscape sketch. Recent studies prove that incorporating 3D designs in your landscape proposals aid in 90% close rates. 

Even so, it can be quite intimidating to change from 2D to 3D. For those reasons, our professional team of 3d modelers is committed to guiding Landscape designers through this journey. so, if you’re stuck in a 3D modeling software that’s not working for you, you can also request a 3D Landscape Design from us here!

3Dtools.org is one of the most affordable 3D Model Shop and 3D Design websites. We aim to be the best 3D resource for landscape designers, contractors, and digital artists who don’t want to break the bank trying to impress clients – we give you the option of 3D models to empower your designs or you can hire our 3D Design experts!

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